Mattias Kolstrup

Founder & CEO

Mattias spent his life in the service of music. For many years as lead singer in the succesfuld group Dúné and today as a solo artist and record label owner.

Louise Hagbarth

Founder & CEO

Louise’s got a long history in the world of theater and dance with multiple responsibilities in coordination, communication and administration.

Johan Kolstrup


Despite being an educated biologist Johan’s been all around the planet as a musician living in London, New York, Berlin and Copenhagen and releasing a string of albums.

Mathilde Kvolbæk

Event Manager

Mathilde’s perfect blend of creativity and structure may be attributed to her background at Copenhagen Business School and her experience living in five different countries throughout her life.


Art Maze was founded in 2023 by Mattias, Louise and Johan at Bryggervangen 7.
The building at Bryggervangen used to be the biggest automobile house in northern europe. After laying untouched for 8 years Louise, Mattias and Johan decided to use the location as a stepping stone for creative souls and businesses looking for a work space.